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A glance at your feet makes you smile

We select materials that are gentle on the skin. 
We select eco-friendly materials. 
So, our products are safe to wear. 
The design is inspired by our the town we grew up in.


Just a look at your feet makes you smile. 

ホーム: 当店について

Back ground of andè

Nara prefecture has the largest production of socks in Japan. About 140 companies are belong to Nara Kutsushita Union however, it is only 40% of the union used to be. Nara Kutsushita became No 1 in Japan because of Yamato cotton. This was because the land of Nara had water shortage from Edo era. So people were trying to cover rice deficit by growing up Yamato cotton. But after Meiji era, overseas cultural exchanges were getting more active and the new spinning technology was imported. During the modernization of spinning industry, Taijirou Yoshii who is from Umami town paid attention on the hand spinning machine to produce socks. He spread out socks production to the surrounding region. 

After WWⅡ,  Toray Industries, Inc. started mass production of nylon socks and it made Kouryou town as the biggest socks production town in Japan. And also other gathering companies such as producing colors, embroidery, knitting, and ingredient made Japan’s high quality socks.

ホーム: ようこそ!
andè designer

Drawing, coloring, usability,,,
Delivering smiles to the world through design.



I’m good delicate design like water color painting.

I like nature, music and dogs. I’d like to put something I love in to my work that makes the day special.



I create my work inspired by plants, nature, and so many different kinds of colors from different countries day by day. I’d like to send the feeling of cheerful happiness by our products.



I draw inspiration for my designs from the colors and traditional patterns of different countries.

I want to create items that can make someone's everyday life more enjoyable.

ホーム: 商品一覧

Product list

Item description

ホーム: 概要

Hemp and Mino Japanese paper


The socks made with the particular material which is combined the first grade flax Linen yarn from Normandy and Mino Japanese traditional paler. It is very comfortable socks knitted by Japanese craftsman.

About linen yarn of this socks.
We use only the first grade flax from North Normandy. It is produced by very unique method which is wet span spinning. Also it is colored by special technique to become firm and shiny. The hemp has good ventilation and also deodorant and antibacterial material.

About Mino Japanese paper yarn
Mino Japanese paper yarn is produced by using traditional Japanese paper in Mino city located nearby Nagara River. It is a slit twist natural fiber filament. The main material of Japanese paper is Manila hemp that is very tough and also waterproof. Manila hemp grows up fast in 2 to 3 years so it is Eco friendly too.
Japanese paper yarn is called Shousenshi that was used from long time ago. Compare with the cotton yarn, Japanese paper yarn is stronger, lighter, good ventilation, deodorant and antibacterial material. And also it is ecological material.


    Japanese gift.   Celebration bag style.

We carry out material recycling activities.
Recycled paper is also used for ordinary headers, aiming for a life that can be circulated with respect to the package.

About andè package

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